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By Pixel Pixies:

World Adventures. You travel to a separate ”vacation” destinations and you can do all sorts of quests, learn new skills and see the sights. You can go to France, China or Egypt.  They are gorgeous.  Literally beautiful.  There is new hair and cool traveling outfits and lots of exotic furniture and such to build with.  But I have personally run into game glitches already and I have heard that this is the buggiest expansion of all three and EA is in no rush to fix it.  People loose entire families when traveling (you get a long long loading screen when you travel), end up with unwanted, mysterious foreign children in their family tree and get corrupted saves.

Ambitions:  This was basically EA’s career pack.  People were very disappointed that you could not actually have a career as a tattoo artist.  It is a hobby, like painting but you cannot even register as self employed.  Lame.  You get a new town, Twinbrook, which is a really cool, very southern feeling town with old train tracks and bridges.  The new careers are fun, in that you get to go with your sim to work instead of watching him disappear into a rabbit hole.  This gets difficult if you are playing a family, for you have to babysit your working sim all day at work and your other sims can get neglected.  This also introduces laundry, which is kinda fun at first but starts to feel too much like real life after awhile! The patch for Ambitions broke the ghosts in my game.  They no longer stay at the graveyard.  They all get into cars and drive away…*sniff*. (I was sent a message from anon that this bug has been around since release?  I got it after patching Ambitions)  Overall a very fun expansion though.

Late Night: As I said earlier, beautiful city but there is very little room to build or add houses or anything else.  This is not a place to have a household of 8.  This place is more for single or couples to go out and enjoy the city.  New careers such as the movie star career are fun, plus celebrity status.  But soon your whole town is filled with famous people and your 8 year old child is being slandered for having the repo man come over.  There was a serious glitch introduced with the patch for this game that causes townie inventory to overflow with cars and books and caused serious lag, that was only fixable with a mod.  EA has yet to fix it. Oh I forgot vampires, this game brings vampires and Bridgeport is filled with em. They are kinda cool, they don’t die in sunlight but are weakened and then can die of starvation, which happens A LOT. Bridgeport is also filled with dive-bars, night-clubs and dance clubs, and with that brings new dance moves.

Generations: There is no new town with Generations and so a lot of people get the impression that this is a “lite” expansion. It is not! This expansion is all about family. You get new hair and clothing for every age but for the first time, you get a lot for children and teens. This is an expansion filled with new interactions, from watching the stars with a loved one to reading your sim children to bed. It also includes child and teen pranks, which is a lot of fun, as well as potion making. You can have an at home Day Care, which is the new profession. When you have a new baby, there is a good chance they will get an imaginary friend as a gift, which grows with them and only they can see and interact with, unless they learn how to make it real! This expansion brings back memories, gives males body hair, kids can go to boarding school….the list goes on and on. If you love playing families, you will love the new furniture, more clutter than before and bunk beds and spiral stairs, just to name a few. I personally really like this expansion and recommend it highly. The only thing I do not like is that it is a touch buggy to install and memories get old really quick. But take away that and I give it 4 hearts. :)

Sims 3 Pets: I think this expansion pack is pretty self explanatory. You get…PETS. Not just any pets though, beyond cats and dogs, you get horses (And unicorns!), something simmers have been waiting for. There are also wild animals like deer and raccoon and you can find small pets (like birds, hamsters, lizards etc) all over the new town, Appaloosa Plains (which is GORGEOUS) This expansion is a lot of fun. You can tell that EA put a lot of effect into making the animals as realistic as possible. But the downside of this, is that this expansion puts a heavier demand on your computer, especially your graphic card. You really need to have a pretty good computer for this expansion to run well.

Showtime: This expansion brought back a lot of Sims 2 items that people missed, like the photo-booth and the pool table. It also brings brand new entertainment professions, Singing, Magic and Acrobatics. You can follow your sims to work as they try out their talents in front of sim audiences, singing their hearts out and doing tricks. It also comes with a new world, Starlight Shores, which is similar to a Southern California city. The world is really pretty, the new buy/build and CAS items are wonderful but…I felt the game play was sort of repetitive and after quickly getting my singing to level 10 in her career, I got bored. There is now also a new buggy simport, where you can send and have other people’s sims in your game to do shows. Careful though, as you get the Custom Content that comes with their sims!

As far as new actual gameplay, I was not impressed with this expansion, but the problem is, I love everything else that came with it, the skeet-ball machines, jukebox, karaoke machine etc etc and a wonderful new world. So I keep it installed for all of those things. I would have liked this expansion much better as a stuff pack.

Supernatural: The highly anticipated witches and werewolves and ghosts, oh my! This expansion is just plain fun. BUT it might not be for everyone. If you like a lot of realism in your game, this expansion might not be for you. But if you want zombies, fairies, witches, werewolves, “enhanced vampires” and ghosts, then get this expansion! It comes with a beautiful new world, Moonlight Falls, that has a mountainous, woodsy type feel. It introduces the lunar system, adds alchemy, magic and really adds a lot to gardening. It is a little lacking in new careers, as it only adds Fortune Teller but there is so much more to this expansion that I don’t even mind. This expansion is chuck full of stuff.

The buy-build is some of my favorite, with lots of Victorian -Gothic type items. The clothing fits the expansion, with fancy duds for your ladies and gents. I found this expansion incredibly enjoyable and have no regrets buying it. But as I said, like it’s title, Supernatural, it might not be what you are looking for or fit your play style if you are really into making sims as realistic as possible. :)

Seasons: Another highly anticipated expansion, straight from Sims 2, comes Sims 3 Seasons. I will say, even though this expansion did not come with a new world, EA, you did a beautiful job on this. The weather is incredibly realistic and the trees in every world changing from bright green in Spring to yellow and red in fall to bare branches in winter, it is just amazing to see.

At first I was a little annoyed with this expansion. I feel like EA could have included way more CAS items. I was waiting for the EA store to ‘sale’ the rest of the expansion the next day, kinda like they did for Showtime. But that did not happen really. It is not that there was way too little but I felt like there should have been more clothing for outerwear  That was the whole point of this expansion, weather and your sims dealing with weather. No raincoats? No rainboots? Seriously EA?

Now that I got that off my chest, this is another great expansion. It adds that touch of realism that the game has been missing. Each season is beautiful in it’s own right. You can now swim in the ocean, dive into your pool with a diving board and don’t forget: aliensssss. I love how the look, I love how they act and I even love how they abduct your sim when you least want them to, because that is what they do! XD

The expansion also adds Seasonal Festivals and Seasonal Holidays which I do not think I could play without at this point. No longer is the park the place to be in town, it is the Festival grounds that bring all the sims outside and just brings new life to the game. 

For those of you who really want some reality and beauty added to your game, this expansion is for you.


By phoenixfg

So, while looking on my dash I see a lot of people asking about EPs and SPs so I thought I’d just put this out there for anyone interested.  I have all EPs and SPs(Imust have the entire collection of anything I start otherwise I feel all twitchy!) so while my custom launcher is doing its thing in the background I thought it would be fun times to put what each EP and SP add to game play.  If anyone has anything else to add let me know! :) Also PixelPixies did something like it here.

EPs in order of release not in order of preference.

World Adventures(WA): Love it.  It’s like a mini game away from the main engine of Sims 3.  Maybe I like it because I’m really into RPGs(all the games I play besides TS3 are RPGs) but there are 3 different locates to pick from.  You learn martial arts in China, wine making in France and explore tombs in Egypt(granted there are tombs in all three locations but the scenery in Egypt is awesome!).  You also get different recipes and can pick up cameras for the photography skill at any merchant location. There is also the introduction of mummies.

Con: You can’t actually move a Sim there.  It’s only a vacation spot.  You can buy a vacation home but that’s it.

Ambitions: Ambitions adds different professions(ghost hunter, investigator, doctor, firefighter, designer, stylist and you can register as self employed).  Now you can follow your Sims as they go about different tasks for their job.  This EP introduces Simbots, sculpting and tattoos(you can become a tattoo artist which sucks!) and laundry.  You also get the new town Twinbrook which is all marshy and mysterious.  I love the atmosphere there.  The professions can get a little boring but it rounds out the base game.

Con: Like I said it gets a little boring and some professions take up all your Sims time so there’s no real down time.

Late Night(LN): With the release of LN we received a new city called Bridgeport which has the whole city vibe going on. LN gives you the chance to have a night life with the inclusion of bars, dance clubs and high end lounges.  You get apartments as well. It brings back some things from TS2, namely vampires, hot tubs and the bubble blower which have all been revamped(no pun intended). You get more instruments(bass, piano and drums along with the original guitar), new dance moves, celebrities(and paparazzi) and new skills.  Also being able to adjust paintings on the wall and speaking of walls…HALF WALLS have made a come back.

Con: Little place to build anything else.  Apartments are nice…for the single life but if you want a family it’s not going to work. My work around for this is Los Aniegos.

SPs in order of release not in order of preference.

High End Loft Stuff(HELS): With HELS you get more furniture(bedroom/bathroom/office), guitars and the fish aquarium. You get a few outfits, hair and electronics.

Fast Lane Stuff(FL): Gives you new cars(and the ability to have a relationship with said cars), a new trait, garage type items, and a few outfits and hairs. Pretty much what it says on the tin! Cars!

Outdoor Living Stuff(OLS): You receive a plethora of hot tubs(no new bathing suits though!), outdoor furniture(grills, tables, mini fridge), a new easel and telescope, several new outfits and one new hair for males and females.

There really are no cons to have stuff packs. It’s just stuff and they don’t pretend to be anything else. Nothing earth shattering should be expected.


So, there’s pretty much something for everyone depending on what you’re looking for.  Only you can decide what’s the best EP or SP for you.  Each has its own set of bugs(let’s face it…it’s from EA!) but still TS3 is a great game and you discover little things and no one can tell you about. Now, stop reading and go play!

No, seriously! GO PLAY!!!


Everything you can do and then-some in Late Night (Link provided by Sims3-)